Three almost-classic Mercedes-Benz models worth buying right now


As President Trump’s proposed tariffs threaten to increase the cost of importing foreign cars to the U.S., CNN reported that German automakers will be among the hardest hit. With that in mind, there’s no time like the present to buy that new Mercedes-Benz.

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The white cabrio in the first picture is an A124, right? The W210’s design is completely different…


Right, the E320 in the picture is a 124 chassis. Those are much nicer than the 210s. Last of the inline 6s and heirloom-level build quality. Those are still fair values and are outstanding cars. The cabriolet, like the picture, are fairly rare, too.


I might be looking at the wrong picture, but the picture under the w210 is in fact a w210 and not a w124. The dead give away are the round headlights…But you are right the w124 is much “better” than the w210…I know because I own 2


Two out of three ain’t bad