Three Japanese collector cars to buy, sell, or hold


I own a VR R1, but don’t feel ignored by Hagerty.


Hope so. I have 2 SC400s - 1993 daily driver since 2007, 1999 cherry creme puff that I bought this year. These cars are still really good design, engineering and quality which can be repaired by the weekend warrior. SCs are very reliable if maintained well. Used parts have a steady market.

The international version is the Toyota Soarer that had options not available with the SCs in the U.S. The Soarer V8 could be had with 4-wheel steering and airbag suspension. SC300s and inline-6-Soarers could be had with a 5-speed. The Soarer inline-6 came with a twin-turbo whereas the U.S. SC300 had just the inline 6. Since 1991, the Soarer had touchscreen double-din with backup camera, digital dash cluster, rear window wiper and probably a few things that I have forgotten. Low mileage SC400s can still be had for about $5000-$8000 unless you find a cherry-unicorn. These cars have almost identical suspensions and inline-6 as the Supra of the same years.