Three Pontiacs to buy, sell, or hold


Thanks for the reply.

  I am one of the lucky 1829 GXP owners - and mine has all 3

options. Roof, Seats and manual - there are 67 like mine in
existence. I remember an older Hagerty write-up that had it as
the #2 most collectable car in America - #1 was the Solstice GXP
Hard Top. Top 2 - BOTH Pontiac!

  I have friends with CTSv Wagons - they are VERY collectable (and

faster than the GXP) but I still think the G8 GXP is the next
Buick GNX in terms of rarity.

  I wasn't trying to be a Butt Hole - just kinda surprised at the

choices on the ‘list’

Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas to you and yours

Mike Foose

Altoona PA


Love my second generation Firebird.But why is nothing mentioned about the early 70’s Grand Prix.THE luxury sports car.


I love the Grand Prix. I actually own a 1969. The omission of the Grand Prix is that the market for those isn’t incredibly active. I watch that segment closely and usually end up tweaking values a little with every price guide update, but they’re not moving in leaps and bounds. The main idea of this exercise is to point out one of many options to buy now while they’re low, sell now (if investment is your game) because indications are that values have leveled off, or to hold on to because we expect the market to remain hot in the short term.


@mike4 I agree, the GXP is going is now and will be a very collectible car and the price you have to pay to get a quality one definitely reflects that. I also believe that when more people figure out that SLP did a G8 Firehawk as well, those will be equally collectible. Once they are added to the price guide and we will likely have more to talk about.

Merry Christmas to you as well.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, is it not? I can understand that the understated looks might not be appealing to everyone, you can’t deny that the last gen GTO and Firebird were the quickest and best handling versions that GM ever produced.

I can tell you from experience, the bland styling is the last thing you’re thinking of when you’re rowing through 6 gears with 400 hp under your right foot…


My very first new car was a 73 triple black Grand Prix,J.I currently own a green 72 SJ with the 455.It’s a 64,000 mile survivor loaded with options.And my candy wild cherry 71 bird is a blast to drive.Both turn heads everywhere.


Not sure that I understand this statement: “After the Firebird was discontinued for 2003, the 2004–06 GTO became the final standard bearer for Pontiac performance.”

Wouldn’t that be referring to the G8 and not the GTO?


Here is my car with the MPD hood.


It’s the “Market” that disagrees that appearance is not important…
Nothing beats a pretty face…and a nice tush… in a mate OR a car…


Nice 67 hard top. My 67 convertible is not a number match car but she is fun to drive.


If that was the case, then why are late model Pontiacs going up in value? I disagree 100% with your sentiment that the market doesn’t favor an ugly car. You mentioned before that the 4th gen Firebirds are ugly. I agree. But if the market didn’t favor an ugly car, what have they appreciated more in the past year than a 1st generation GTO? There is a segment of collector now who doesn’t care what the outside looks like because you can’t see it from the driver’s seat. And you know what? They’ll still look back at their car as they walk away in a parking lot.

The real question is what do you want to draw more? A crowd at a car show or a knowing knod from a fellow enthusiast who knows what you have when nobody else does. I prefer the latter and obviously @Brett does too. It is okay to have differing opinions. They both have their own thriving communities.


You are right, Mister. Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. THANK GOD because there would be some isolated people AND cars.
There are just design winners and losers. And personally I am a little embarrassed showing my cars…It’s a personal joy I get owning wonderful vehicles…


My 2006 GTO was bought new in 2006, a performance car with disc
brakes, great air conditioning, and no costs to upgrade. It is a low
mileage car that often attracts admiration from people that recognize
what it is. It surprises me how many people go out of their way to ask
if it is for sale. These definitely belong on your list to “buy”.


Good morning Bill2913,
My car was a number matching car when I first acquired it in 1987.
4 years ago I removed and crated the entire original drive train, rad to
Had a 468 stroker built supposed to be 585 hp and 585 ft/lbs at the
flywheel, Dyno this spring. TKO 5spd, she is alot of fun to row through the
gears now.


I see your car is the Canadian version. have seen the American version, amazing the difference in the 2! real rare!


My car is not the Canadian Laurentian!

It is a Pontiac Super Chief Catalina.



I own a 1995 Pontiac Firehawk with 31900 miles on her. Great car to drive and will now hold on to this car. Mine has the ram air with H P boost to 315 HP. Thanks for the update article. The car has won many first p!ace trophies at car shows in Texas.


My Firehawk is #255 made in 1995. Car is all original made by SLP of Canada. This is continued from last post. Thanks Dan O.


I have a 1971 Pontiac Grand Safari 9 passender station wagon, I bought it in 1981 and it was my only car as we raised a family of 5. The car has an original 455 with actual badges to match.

I payed $600.00 for it in 1980, it had 99,600 miles on the clock. I did a valve job, rings and bearings at 300,000 miles. The car now has 587,000 miles on the clock. We are now in the process of rebuilding the whole car, I am going to keep it untill I get my $600,00 worth of use out of it!!!

Since we have owned it we have used it to pull our 6,200# 1941 American travel trailer and often had our 14’ wood boat on behind the trailer (ie. 2 trailers + 1 pontiac wagon).

"Torque feeds the Bulldog"


@mike4, @ernesto_delvecchio, I am checking in to let you know that Pontiac G8s will be going live on Hagerty Valuation Tools tomorrow morning. This will include the GT, GXP and Firehawk models. Enjoy, and thanks for your patience while this was being worked on. This is one we’ve wanted to add for a while.