Three ways a nostalgia Top Fuel dragster improves on the past


The field of gassers, vintage Funny Cars, and front-engine Top Fuel dragsters competing in the National Hot Rod Association’s Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series is as close as you can get to going back to the early 1970s to see some of the legends of drag racing compete on the quarter mile.

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So what engines are permitted in Top Fuel Nostalgia other than the hemi? For example, could I run a 385 series Ford engine or is it still prohibited because of its greater than Hemi bore spacing?


Hi Frank,

Ford 385-series big-blocks with 4.9-inch bore spacing are allowed per class rules. Here’s more info if you’d like to dive into the rule book.


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Currently, there are five engine combinations being used in NTF; Chrysler 392 Hemi, Chrysler 426 Hemi, Chevrolet 350, Chevrolet 454, and Adam’s spread port SBC. There is one other combo that may run in NFC this season, and that is Walt Austin’s Ford 429 Hemi. That engine won the A/Fuel championship with Drew Austin in 2018. They plan to move over to Fuel Floppers sometime this season. As for NTF, the dominate combo for established teams the 392. For newer teams, the 426 seems to be more popular, as you can run used Big Show parts.

I crewed on this car for three season;

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