Til death do us Datsun: Wrenching keeps this marriage finely tuned


Courtney Cutchen only signed up for high school auto shop class because a friend, who didn’t want to be the only girl in the class, begged her to. For the first few months of the course, Courtney spent more time drawing pictures of cars than she did actually working on them.

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Great Video - in the words of Mr. K. “Enjoy The Drive” If there is a problem with the DATSUN 510 & 240Z, it is that they spoil you. They become the benchmark against which all other driving experiences are evaluated; worse perhaps is the disappointment that you never find anything that offers as much pure fun.


I grew up in the 80’s Just North of Detroit. My neighbor, who was probably 18 when I was 15, bought a 510 for $300 that needed some work. He took it all apart, fixed stuff, painted it in his parent’s attached garage (they obviously loved him) and he loved the car. I remember wondering why he wasted his time on that thing, but secretly thinking it was pretty cool. I think he sold after getting brow beat so much from pretty much everyone. I’ll bet he wishes he still had it. I wish I would have bought it.


Awesome story love the cars.


In the early 70’s I raced a 61 bugeye at Nelson ledges. Paul Newman and his family were there and he had the Bob Sharp 240Z and the 510 also. I was in the same group as the 510. I couldn’t tell how many times I was lapped.


It is her right foot on the clutch @ 1:30. The rubber petal to the left is the “dead petal” for resting your left foot on. I have to admit I have never thought of shifting my '73 240Z using my right foot on the clutch!