To all the cars I’ve crashed before


“I never hurt anyone else and I never put a car on its back.” In the prime of his powers as an author and raconteur, Gordon Baxter would often close a recitation of misdeeds both automotive and romantic by issuing that disclaimer. It has a certain elegance, a gentlemanly sang-froid, just the right touch to leaven an otherwise troublesome tale. I will admit to having said it over and over again myself, right up to the day when it no longer applied. That was also the day that I met a certain Mr. Stubbs—but I’m getting ahead of myself.

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I mourned when I read your final column at R&T.

Today is a day for rejoicing. Welcome back to my reading list, Jack. More than happy to help bring driving back.


Weird…I keep hearing Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias singing the title of this article.


@Jim-R - Thanks, now I get to hear everyones Willie impersonation in the office today. (I don’t blame you though)


:musical_score: To all the wheels that I caressed.
And may I say I’ve held the best.
The straights that were not long
And understeer that’s strong
To all the cars I’ve crashed before.


Jack, I have been following you since early days at the original TTAC. Great writing, pretty serious driving. Was glad to see you in R&T - finally a “Factory Ride” - but they let us both down sadly. I enjoy your “Riverside Green” blog and look forward to more here.
A real driver who can really write, and has real opinions.
Good stuff.
Win P.


Great introduction .I will be looking forward to more !


Hi, Jack.

Another long time reader here. Nice to see you on Hagerty!

  • Jim



Great to see AC at your new location. It comes full circle as the reason I subscribe to Hagerty Magazine is because you mentioned it a couple of years ago.


Hey Jack great to see you here. I bookmarked you at all the other places and I’ve bookmarked you here. Hagerty gains one more new reader today.



My sentiments exactly.

Avoidable Contact and sludgo’s Mile Markers on Bring-a-Trailer are at the top of my must-read-immediately automotive content list.


You had me at “raconteur”, Great read! let the stories flow…


I have thought of Hagerty as smart for their extreme niche market…insuring beloved items that owners protect as treasures.
Hiring you demonstrates that genius again.
I’m already thinking I should check into insuring my rarely driven convertible with them since I drive it so little. I have automatically added it to my conventional auto policy without questioning.
I was missing your writing already. So glad to see you in print again.
I get what Hagerty was seeing and I love it all!


Great Read!..sludgo