To all the Suburbans I’ve loved before


In many of my weekly stories, I make no secret about my love for early 1970s BMWs. And that is, without question, the longest automotive thread that has stretched through my life. But there is another. I wouldn’t quite call it a guilty pleasure. It’s more like a dark dirty secret. The love that dare not speak its name.

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Great story!


Having read Rob’s Hack Mechanic book, I think I would happily read his grocery shopping list; well, maybe, his NAPA online list!


How does suburban and 72 loved it now looking to find another one nuts great truck


Hi looking at Suburbans 1970’ s - 1985 . Only need a a 2 wheel drive vehicle but wondering if a 350 , 454 , or diesel would be a better ? Missed a one owner mint 1984 diesel with only 40,000 miles for only $3500.00 ! GK


I have always been a "Wagon Master"
I was just counting the 'Burbs I have owned:
46, (clam shell liftgate) 56 GMC, 59 Chevy NAPCO 4 x 4, 65 GMC, 71 GMC, 75 Chevy, 91 GMC (last square body)
You’re dang right I wish I had any of them back


3 kids, dogs and boats - and we bought our '97 1500. Now - 21 years and 230k later - kids are gone, dogs are gone - but boats remain and so does the Suburban. She sits patiently awaiting a drive every 2-3 weeks. Heavy use when family is here or the boat needs engine work. 9 seats - 2 a/c units and yup the front end needs work - mechanic can’t figure out why the rear a/c is giving us a wet carpet in the back - and of course - the catalytic converter gave up a while ago. But the engine and tranny do their job and we’ve owned since day I. She’s going nowhere.


Best times are in this truck with the family out on the beach. This particular memory is the “remember when Dad backed into the tree branch and shattered the rear window, but was determined to go to the beach so he covered it with a plastic tablecloth?”


This tale hits home. I, too, love Suburbans. I have had a '70, '97 1500 4x4 and 2002 2500 4x4, all GMC’s. Plus I had a couple of panel trucks, a '69 Chev and a '70 GMC, close cousins to the Suburbans. Now, I have owned close to 140 vehicles in my life so far. 93 were Volvos, but there were some Pontiacs, Nissans, Toyotas, etc. Hands down, though, the best vehicle I have ever owned was that 2002 GMC 2500 Suburban. I bought it used off ebay and imported it to Canada. It was a strange duck, with sunroof and auto-on lights, etc., but a cloth interior! I loved the 6.0 litre LS1 motor for its great towing ability and also its not-too-bad gas mileage, given its 3-ton girth. I really miss it. Drove it for eight years. It was replaced by a 2014 Ford F-150 4x4 Supercrew Ecoboost which has acquitted itself as an excellent tow vehicle with great economy. It does everything well, but is just another wrench in the tool box. It can’t match the charm of the Sub, or the comfort. I really do miss the ‘Snowdrift’, as our white sub was christened by our daughter. I think my ultimate towing ride would be an '07 to '13 Chev Suburban 2500 with a few nice options.


So THAT’S why the carpet was always wet in the back of my '97 Burb! Always thought it was a leak in the rear door seals.


I truly enjoyed learning about all the other folks who have become hooked on Suburbans as I have. My first was a 1973 and I’ve never been without one since. '73, '76, '86, '94, '97 and there’s a 2008 in my garage right now. Used mainly for hauling my boats to interesting places.



3 kids 2 dogs, what else would do the job. 81,84,87,91 still have the 94, 2002 8.1L, 2007 Denali.
All 4x4’s, all did runs to the cabin, sports fields and arenas. Living Calgary, winters could be a challenge, dual batteries saved many cold start situations. 3rd row seats and bench middle were the best. 6 buckets not so good.
The 8.1 L pulls anything and not that thirsty cruising. The Denali seats do not fold, owned it for a few months before I realized, bad move GM.
Now Grand kids and only one dog but will always have at least one.