Today I learned: The Chevrolet Impala is a millionaire


Geeking out on production numbers is pretty far down the car enthusiast rabbit hole, yet that’s where I found myself today. I read a passing mention about the total production for the 1965 Chevrolet Impala and simply thought the number was too big to be true. So I had to research it for myself.

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An impressive number to say the least!

And a thank thank you is in order to the author for providing a shoutout to the Ford Model T as one of the first “millionaires” - As a T aficionado, I’ll take whatever recognition I can get!


I wonder just how many were in that, then new Purple finish. '65 was a big design change from the previous model years, very curvy and did look quite big.


@zinnrg - I think you are picturing the Evening Orchid paint color. They used it on Corvairs also, which is how I know about it, but I always forget they used it on the big bodies too.


I wonder how far would these million plus 1965 Impalas would reach placed end to end?


@imnottimmy - Looks like bumper-to-bumper is 213ish inches, meaning multiplied by one million, would be over 17 million feet. Or almost 3300 miles. Which would be more than enough to stretch coast to coast of the U.S.


Yes I too recalled the '65 Corsa and was interested in it bacause I had a '63 Monza Spyder (which I loved) Convertible, Traded for a '65 Barracuda Formula “S”, another car that handled very well. both cars very Course ready (the Monza’s only upgrade was an Empi Camber Compensator for the swing axle of course.
The only car that had better handling was my '62 SE Elan, long may she live.