Today marks the end of the VW Beetle, yet again

Volkswagen is ending production of the Beetle, again. In Mexico, again. In 2003, after making more than 21 million units of the original rear-engine Type I Beetle, VW finally discontinued the first-generation people's car, which was then being assembled at Volkswagen de Mexico's factory in Puebla. Now, 16 years and two generations of the Golf-based front-wheel drive New Beetle later, Volkswagen is ending that retro run so it can clear up some capacity to build a compact SUV for the North American market.

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Rest in piece, “New” Beetle (newb)

One of my biggest regrets was not taking the tour of the factory in Mexico when they were still making the air-cooled variety.

Not sure if the article mentions it or not, but this may actually be the last time for the VW beetle. Even if the underneath isn’t very beetle like.

Before, there was always a vague familial tie between the head honcho of VW and the bug. Now, there isn’t. The new guy in charge at VW, if memory serves, hails from BMW.

It’s a shame… I would’ve loved to have seen a new beetle (newb) one as a pure EV, they could have called it the “Lightning Bug.”

Guess VW will never understand the USA market like they used to ever again.

There is a guy who converts the new beetles (newbs) to pickup trucks (the new ones.) Now THAT’s an interesting vehicle… It really reminds you heavily of the SSR, in looks, at least.


I wonder why there are no discussions of making it electric like they are doing with the van?

@jkphoto58 - Not sure, but i’m Surprised they are so gung-ho about the electric bus when an electric Beetle stands a chance to actually sell. Also, it is much closer to existing.

The last guy high up in management at VW who mentioned an electric bug isn’t there anymore-he got swept up in the dieselgate bloodletting.

However, enough of the management remains around to remember when that microbus sold for 6 figures at an auction in the southwest years ago.

It seems to make complete sense to make the bug electric people are already doing it anyway and they really produce a lot of torque and speed. I think that electrics are going to be, more and more, the future of collector cars. I also think, though I may be wrong, the majority of the younger generation appreciates the simplicity of the electrics more then they do the gasoline or diesel engines, even though it does take fossil fuels to create electric cars. Maybe in the future the technology will advance beyond that.

I’ve had a beetle in my garage, or if I didn’t have a garage, in front of my house, since before I learned to drive in one. My dad had a ‘57 oval window that was my set of training wheels, and there’s a ‘79 triple-white ‘vert in my garage right now. Bugs are the affordable classic, and I can’t see parting with mine. Ever.

Oh, and it’s the reason I’m with Hagerty’s!

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Still plenty of good “Real” bugs here in So. Cal. I’ve loved them from the beginning, and still do. Must be rear engine 4 air cooled.

Consider yourself lucky. The midwest is a difficult region to keep a bug, or for that matter, any classic automobile that deserves better than rust.

I know, I spent most of my life in Upstate NY. Talk about rust. …………….Jim.

I will miss U Beetle. I am glad to say that at age 67 I still have my beetles, a 1964 Cabriolet and a 1951 Split Window. Yay!!! And I love to drive them!!

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