Tom’s woody wagon saves the day on the latest Barn Find Hunter

Tom Cotter loves driving his woody wagon, but sometimes the driving enjoyment takes a backseat to the doors it opens and conversations it starts. Case in point: the latest Barn Find Hunter in Utah. Starting the day with no leads and looking a bit like it might be a bust, one conversation in a gas station sparks a chain reaction of finds.

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I wish I’d have known Tom was in the area, as the farmer who lives adjacent to me had about a dozen old cars, some pre-1950’s vintage, some "70’s and 80’s era. I believe this is the area he was seeking off of the tip in Little Valley. The farmer’s name was Ralph Seegmiller and his family owned much of the land in Little Valley. It has gradually now been sold off for real estate development, yet he still retains a small farm here and had the cars and trucks stored on the acreage. Within the last few months, he’s advertised the acreage for sale and I watched as several flat-bed wreckers come and take about six or eight of the cars away. I don’t know to whom he sold them or by what means, as I asked Ralph personally, if any of the cars or trucks were for sale. He declined, noting that he gets offers for them all off the time.( I Was interested in a "48 Ford F1 pickup I saw in the collection. He had a Dodge of similar vintage plus others lacking the front clips.) My wife walks the perimeter of the property often and says that he still has many vehicles on the other side of the property; old milk and farm trucks, some pick ups and a few passenger cars. It appears that Ol’ Ralph maybe getting ready to sell the remaining acreage to developers as he’s now surrounded by housing developments. Also, there is a town known as Glendale, UT, north of Kanab, that has many disabled cars in the front yards of the town’s people. At the far north end of town, there is a sizable collection of about a hundred cars of various vintages lined up in view of the highway, driving north. I have not, as yet, investigated fully, all of those, but there is potential there.

Happy hunting, Tom!

Gary Johnson
St. George, UT.