Top Small Block Cars


In a world where the phrase “there’s no replacement for displacement” is thrown around quite a bit, we tend to forget about some of the truly great small-block cars. While a big-block is preferred by most enthusiasts, there are a few out there who love a small-block because of its ability to make power at high RPM ranges and its relatively small size, which makes it an ideal engine for swapping into a large number of chassis configurations. Here are five particularly legendary cars powered by small-blocks that prove you don’t need a huge engine under the hood to be a good muscle car.

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I’m sure it was an oversight not clarifying that the 306 hp was for the street GT350. The race versions had 350 h p, hence the GT350 name.


All the race versions made way more hp then the street versions.

The Challenger T/A 340 street cars actually made about 350 hp, and the race car version with a 305 made 440 hp. The race z28’s 302 was closer to 500 hp. The race cars just aren’t comparable to the street cars available to the public.


LOL…the forum article title doesn’t specify “V8” like the original article. I guess I got ahead of myself as a rotary engine fan.


@Jim-R - If you are talking rotary, that is the smallest of small blocks- literally! I never ceased to be amazed at how small the package is for one of those.