Top Ten Questionable Designs


The results are in! Nearly 2500 Hagerty clients responded to our e-mail requesting nominations for “The Most Questionable Car Designs of All Time.” Citing poor styling and likening its design to a “pregnant roller skate” or “fish bowl on wheels,” you’ve chosen the AMC Pacer as the most dubious design in automotive history.

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The Pontiac Aztec design flaw reminds me of the Triumph 1800 & 2000 of the late forties; those “sports” Cars had the added feature of being as nimble as sloth on marbles.


When the Aztek’s came out, my sister in law and her husband HAD TO have a new one and they bought one of the first in Pittsburgh, PA. But my (VERY car guy) nephew nicknamed it “The DustBuster Van” which really popped their bubble. I was quite amused.