Toyota 2000GT - Classic Car Market


The signal that the world was ready to accept the Toyota 2000GT as an A-list collectible came from, of all places, Le Mans, France. At a Christies auction there, on July 8, 2006, a 2000GT sold for $225,998, nearly double what the cars had typically sold for. The market climbed steadily from there. The product of Toyota and Yamaha’s collaboration took a break during the Great Recession, but by 2014, a million dollars could be had for the right 2000GT.

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Strange that the 2000GT had a hard start in the US, Yet Canadians had a soft spot for the slick wonder of Toyota and Yamaha. Track and Traffic_had a glowing review for the car, putting it with the Avanti, Buick Riviera as one of the best cars, out classing the XK-E, Mustang, and Corvette when it appeared at Expo '67 in Montreal. Sadly, Canada got only 22 Cars, mostly in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Strangely enough, the 2000GT had an ace in the hole like Volvo’s 1800S, It was a damn good winter car. My late Uncle purchased one in 1969, and drove up to Yukon with it, something frowned upon by Jag and Vette owners. He spent a WEEK there and in Fairbanks, Alaska and the car never let him down! The 2000GT held its own till the AMC AMX, 240-Z and Pontiac Firebird came along… But in the Great North for a little while, Toyota had a heartbreaker.__