Toyota’s Mk III Supra is a lovable older brother


The non-Mk IV Supras live in an odd space. A great example of Toyota’s application of technology to create a sports car, they will long live in the shadow of the infamous Mk IV cars that rose to fame thanks to The Fast and The Furious movies. That doesn’t mean they aren’t great cars, and as the Mk IVs continue to climb higher, the interest for the earlier cars seems to be rising too.

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I’m not partial to a lot of 80s style auto-bodies but for some reason, the ‘86’ Supra caught my attn.!
87 Dodge Conquset
1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R


The MKIII is a good car, outstanding cruiser and GT, but they didn’t watch the weight. It’s ~500 lbs more than the MKII, which is why I went with the MKII.

Here’s mine on the dyno at “Supras in Vegas”.


Always did prefer the MKIII. Never much cared for the MKIVs more bulbous styling. Certainly don’t mind it staying in the MKIV’s shadow, though. Definitely want to pick one up at some point, hopefully the prices keep fairly stable.


I own an ‘88 Supra that I bought here locally for $3450.00 just a little over four years ago. It’s just a fuel injected strait six 3000cc, and not crazy fast like the rice burners want to do with them today. I love the way it handles, but it’s not a very comfortable car for my 5’ -11" frame. Wish they made seats that were comfortable.


Having owned 2 Cressidas and 3 Supras my current 1989 is identical to my original of the same year. As a Boomer I finally found the car I should never have sold, again, about 3 years ago which had been owned by an older lady and not used very much. With only 114K and in excellent shape it has become my summer cruiser and I sold my 66 Mustang, which I had for 26 years, to make room in the garage for winter storage. It is the white one with the white wheels Turbo, Targa roof, and burgundy interior. It will even play my old collection of tapes and is a real smooth ride.


And watch those head gaskets on the 7M engines. Many have blown or compromised head gaskets. Check under the oil cap and radiator cap for oil/water where it shouldn’t be.

The service manuals had the wrong torque listed for the head bolts, so sometimes the replacement head gaskets didn’t last very long.

MKIII’s are wonderful cars, and very nice to drive. As one of the car magazines said “It’s the best Camaro GM never made”.

And I don’t mean that as a slam.


I can confirm the head gaskets are an issue. lol

…granted this car, in itself, was a lot of issues…still a ton of fun while it lasted.