Trickle Charger Fire


VEHICLE INVOLVED: 1945 Harley-Davidson EL

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I live in Canada and was under the impression (as per the Hagerty rep) that Hagerty ‘didn’t insure motorcycles’. Is this true?


What’s the logic of disconnecting the battery from the car? My battery tender/trickle-charger came with quick-connect fused leads designed to leave the battery connected. I think some of the other brands do too. ???


Our guidelines and what we are able to insure do vary between the U.S. and Canada, as well as province-by-province and state-by-state. While we might not be able to insure motorcycles in your location, we do have the ability in other locations.


@Jim-R - You are correct, there is provisions by many of the tender-type chargers to quick connect with the battery remaining connected to the cars electrical system. I use the quick connect when I use my car in the summer, though I likely don’t need to since the charging system works as designed.

Personally, when I long term store my car I disconnect the battery to prevent any potential electrical gremlins from rearing their ugly heads when I am not checking on the car regularly. It is a bit on the paranoid side, yes, but it’s piece of mind for me. Also, my garage is not heated (detached and insulated, but no regular heat) so I remove the battery and put it in the basement and attach it to the tender on the weekends to prevent it from overcharging if there is anything that goes wrong in the tender.


The quick-connect I use is fused. Unless someone can give a reason, I’m not seeing the need to remove the car’s terminals or the battery for that matter. Besides, two or three times a year I open the doors, start the cars and let ‘em get up to operating temp for a few minutes. And on one car it’s a minor PITA to re-program and redo the settings on the stereo if I disconnect the battery.


@Jim-R - I can agree with that. I will admit I am overly cautious most of the time, and I don’t have a radio or any other electronics that would be affected by the disconnect.