Tricky insurance question from Australia


G’day from sunny over governed Australia!

I occasionally buy classics or hot rods generally west coast USA and have managed to get insurance so I can drive them on the roads through AAA. they insured me for 3 cars but now say they wont offer me cover because I am not a US resident and don’t have a license from any US state.

I live in Australia and visit the US maybe 2-3 times a year. I am 58 and obviously hold an Australian license.

I have spoken to a number of larger insurance companies in the US and none can offer me any cover. I have investigated the issue through google and end up at dead ends all the time. I have spoken to my local Australian insurers but they have no options either.

can any one offer some help on this?

Rod in Australia.


Hi Rod,

I ran your question by Hagerty’s overseas coverage specialist and here’s what he had to say.

"We offer USA touring coverage for those bringing their collector cars to the USA for organized collector car tours, shows, and similar events (not for personal vacation driving). Also, please note that there is a 60 day policy term limit for this program.

We also offer agreed value overseas shipping coverage to cover the car while on the ship or flight to/from the USA, with rates generally much less compared to purchasing through a shipper/freight forwarder."

He’s very smart about the sorts of ins and outs of what you’re looking for and is happy to discuss your situation further. I will send his contact info in a direct message.


Thanks heaps Greg,

I am specifically looking for cover for when I purchase a car in the US and travel around the US.

thanks for the prompt reply Greg,


That makes sense. If you email Rick in the email I sent you, he should be able to sort you out.