Trusted engine rebuilder or machinist

I am looking for a trusted machinist who will help with the rebuild of my ford 302. I would like to rebuild it myself but need my block decked and bored/honed my heads need to be decked to match. Long story short does anyone know of a place in the Hudson valley NY. I live near beacon ny and would like to not have to ship it all out. Any help would be greatly appreciated

@marc - I talked with our Claims team to see about a shop that is in Hagerty Expert Repair Network to recommend. From that conversation, we found Matt’s Auto Body, at 1930 Salt Point Turnpike, Salt Point, NY 12578, phone number 845-266-5450.

Based on the information we had on file they do more than just body work (I guess the name is a bit misleading), and sublet out their machine work, but they should have a solid recommendation as to a place to get the work done right the first time.