Turbo Time: 5 carbureted turbocharged classics


Before fuel-injected turbocharged engines found their way into everything from full-size pickup trucks to everyday commuter mobiles, automakers made carburetors and turbochargers work together using a draw-through approach, with the carburetor ahead of the turbocharger. The air-fuel mixture was pressurized on its way through the turbocharger and into the engine.

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The 2.3 L turbo was still available in 1982 in the Mustang GT and after some research, only in Canada. I also know this for sure because I owned one. The performance was OK for the day and was fun up to 3rd gear, but after that, was not very impressive. I traded it for a brand new 1985 GT Hatchback that I still own today. What a difference between the 2 back in the day. Every time I drive my '85 I still say “what a car!”, just like I did the first day I picked it up in August of 1985. I traded in the turbo GT with about 35,000 kilometres on it and already the turbo charger was starting to fail.


Around 1981-1982 with the Buick Regal’s turbo V6 popularity, GM also made this engine available on Chevy Monte Carlos. I bet if someone had one of those today, it would be a rare car.


The 64 Corvair Spyder was Turbocharged.


the 1966 gt 350 was available with a Paxton supercharger and made it unbeatable


The Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. 30 miles to a gallon or 140mph. The few cars that actually handles better the faster you go.