UAW strike delays highly anticipated mid-engine Corvette

That is about $135k in salary and benefits. Not to shabby for production work.

This is exactly why Ford had Kar Kraft back in the sixties/early seventies, to avoid just such hassles!
Just down the street a little ways from main headquarters in Dearborn.
Many factory engineers moonlighting there without a straw boss looking over there shoulders and breathing down their necks, slowing down projects!

For C8 money, the newest Ferrari one could get is a 430, which is about 10 years old. If costs are a concern, hope that you know how to wrench on a Ferrari and have the required tools and software because maintenance and repair costs for a 10 year old Ferrari are not trivial.

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“from what I gather around $50 billion was written off”

The GM buyout was $50 billion and the government wrote off $11.2 billion of that.

Should someone point out the other inaccuracies in this post?

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Thanks to Hagerty for leaving the door cracked for this type of political rant.

This is supposed to be a forum dedicated to cars and the owners who love them.

Go to Fox or CNN for your political discourse.

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The Ferrari F430 model run was 2004-2009 and a previously owned, high

Mileage dealer CPO price will be around $100,000-130,000.

The more affordable and comparable Ferrari models to the C8 price would be the Ferrari 308, 328, 348, 355, or 360. However, some of these older cars are now bringing six figures.

Having owned four Ferraris (two currently) it’s a general myth that the cars are expensive to own, maintain or repair when compared to other exotic cars.

Let’s hope the UAW settles the strike soon before those waiting for the C8 explore other alternatives.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I am really tired of hearing about the Corvette C8.


The UAW is on strike but the well paid management of the UAW are not suffering one bit while the rank and file will never recover lost wages. Never understood the sheep mentality of unions.

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I say who cares if the strike delays the new Corvette. The new mid engine Corvette is already late. About 29 years to be exact. That is when the first all aluminum bodied NSX hit American soil. As always GM didn’t see it coming…or did. Ford got it with the GT and what a car! Don’t want to upset the gray hairs and change the Corvette. I mean what else are they going to spend their retirement on?

Isn’t Ferrari built by fca, therefore it’s a Chrysler


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles owns Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Maserati, and Ram.

Ferrari is an independent, publicly traded company. The stock symbol is RACE and it’s been the best performing automotive industry stock for me personally.


Ferrari is built by Ferrari, regardless of who owns them.
But for the record, they departed from FCA in January 2016.

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Ask me if I care. One of the reason that I do not care a whit for unions.

Labor unions have been slowly killing the US automotive industry. No more taxpayer bailouts, please!

Get back to work, UAW, or suffer the consequences.

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Queen Mary on Thursday ordered negotiators to work 24hrs a day to settle the strike. Must be a real sweetheart to work for!

A perfect example why ordinary people need unions to protect them from their “betters.”

Working class wage slaves would be worked to death, if their liege lords and ladies had their way.

“General Motors Co. bargainers are urging the United Auto Workers to engage in around-the-clock bargaining on all issues to get an agreement done as 46,000 GM employees head out to picket lines for the 26th day on Friday.”

Strike, day 25: GM urges UAW to get a deal done

A reincarnated Mother Teresa for sure.

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@webebob - To be fair, she is not running a charity. Nor is her goal to save the planet. She is the head of a business, one that is currently losing millions of dollars a day. A male counterpart would do the same thing, I have no doubt about it. Comparing her to Mother Teresa is just a fallacy, and I have never heard anyone compare a male CEO to the Pope.

Why can’t you people leave the politics out of a conversation?

You’re quite right about this; there are many used Ferrari in the same or similar pricing/performance categories as the better equipped new Corvettes.

It’s certainly worth looking at, since Ferrari offer extended warranties on many of their more recent cars, and 7 years worth of factory maintenance on new cars, which reaches back quite a few years.

Ferrari are not fragile cars; their construction and performance are robust. Their front-mounted mid-engine cars do not suffer from the traction-control problems of the C7, either.

The people who are the the most disappointed are the Chevy dealers who are looking forward to charging 20K over sticker. The $60,000 2020 Corvette is made of that rare material called unatainum!

Why would anyone be dumb enough to buy a first year GM of anything? The old model Corvette is still sitting on the production line.The equipment to build the new car is in storage trailers. You think they are going to slap everything up in a few weeks and build a zero defect car? No way. I work in a manufacturing plant and it takes month/years of planning. If history (and there is a much) is anything that screams run the opposite direction it is anything all new. The poor idiots that have to have it will do the research and development. Not me…ever.

Way too much hype over the new Corvette. Get over it. It is NOT new. Other manufactures have been building mid engine performance cars for decades. So now it is a big deal for the greatest American auto company (lol!) tries to pay catch up to the rest of the world? They are no longer the best at building anything. Sad but true.