Valuation tools and Drivers Club


Why do I suddenly have to pay $45 a year to have access to the valuation tools functions I’ve always had access to before, like the 5 year history? Taking features away from me doesn’t make me want to join your “club”…


Hi @jer,

I can appreciate your hesitation with the change to Hagerty Valuation Tools. The Hagerty Driver’s Club goes beyond content on the Valuation Tools. Yes, the membership does gain you access to 5 year history and beyond, but it also gains you access to our Past Sales feature. This is where you can view vehicles that have been previously offered at auction, any photos we have taken as well as commentary about the vehicles by our Valuation Team who reviewed the vehicles onsite.

In addition to the additional features on Hagerty Valuation Tools, the Hagerty Driver’s Club grants you full access to exclusive events, discounts with leading automotive companies, a subscription to the Hagerty Magazine and much more.