Value comparisons

I am wondering how I can REALLY determine the price I should pay for a car. Hagerty’s shows a value I would love to be correct. But sellers seem to think they can get 2 or even 3 times or more the Hagerty value. EG: a car here in Concours shape has value of $22000. Seller of a fine example of this 1967 vehicle with condition ALMOST Concours. Asking price: $55,000. What might be true value? Please dont say ‘whatever someone will pay for it’. TIA

@gma2509 - Almost sounds like there is an engine difference when selecting in the Hagerty Valuation Tools.

Out of curiosity, could you share the Year/make/model with us?

Well there is an engine difference. Hagerty does not allow to edit the engine? So they are quoting a stock 289 vs seller’s GT 390. But certainly that doesn’t account for $33000! :slight_smile: Vehicle is a Mercury Comet Cyclone GT convertible.

@gma2509 - Here is a link to the GT 390 valuation, which looks like it gets closer (#1 condition $40k), but not all the way to the sellers asking price. If the car has A/C it looks like that is an additional 15% bump in each condition’s pricing.

Thanks and how did u get that? I cant answer for a few hours but will when I get back. I dont know if this one has factory air or not but if it does that pushes value to $46K for Concours condition, which it isn’t quite. Anyway thanks very much. See you later.