Valve adjustment on a single overhead cam engine


Of all the regular maintenance tasks on my vintage cars, the one I enjoy the most is valve adjustment. There’s a reason for that.

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I can appreciate how your companion cylinder approach to finding the right spot to adjust a cylinders valves works well with OHC inline engines. But it would be difficult in practice to use this approach on push rod based V8 engines typically found in most classic American cars.

On the push rod V8s I usually work on, I find it more useful to adjust 1 valve at a time by using the following approach: Rotate the crank until one cylinders Exhaust valve just starts to open then adjust the same cylinders Intake valve, continue to rotate the crank until the Intake valve is just closing then adjust the same cylinders Exhaust valve.



While it’s a significantly different procedure, I profoundly enjoyed setting the valves on the S54 in my Z4M. I understand what you’re getting at.