Vanderbrink Auctions set to sell a treasure trove of Michigan muscle


As the summer sun sets in the Midwest, builders are scrambling to find their upcoming projects for winter hibernation. If you’re one of those builders, Vanderbrink Auctions has a treasure trove for you, all at no reserve. The Tom Brown collection contains an array of mouthwatering projects, ranging from older restorations in need of a simple vetting to rolling shells awaiting a massive overhaul. Not to mention, the auction offers a slew of big-block engine parts to support the process.

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Boy, I wish I had some cash to try and buy one of these cars!

Nevertheless, I am happy with my investment in my 68 Dodge Dart GT convertible. It was about all I could afford to buy myself 4 years ago, as a retirment gift to myself. But two years later, I had to rebuild or replace the motor. I was lucky to stumble upon a 1970 340 T/A 6 pack motor restored to factory specs.

More money!

All this being said and looking at the treasure trove of cars on the auction block, I can’t help but wonder,
Will the market ever drop out?
Is there a new generation of gear heads, car nuts, automobile aficionados who will carry the torch?
or are we the last of the Vroom, Vrooms!

Let’s hope not.