Vbelt replacement

What is the secret to putting a water pump belt on a 1970 454 corvette with ps and ac what belts go on which pulleys I’m a rookie at this

——> https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/chevrolet,1970,corvette,7.4l+454cid+v8,1040926,belt+drive,belt,8900

Not familiar with the car but I got to think it installing them should be pretty intuitive. I think both should be long enough to fit over the fan. If you ever got that Service Manual, there are usually guidelines on how to tension belts. Personally I use a small gauge for the purpose at the longest span of the particular belt. Without a gauge I think I’d err on the side of loose. If it squeaks on start-up or hard accel then tighten a little at a time.
I’m not suggesting Rockauto, just that their site was handy for numbers showing which belts and where.
It might be like suggesting which is the “best” beer, but I would go with AC Delco. Second choice would be Gates or Dayco.

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Your Corvette will use 4 belts with A/C and P/S. The first belt (from back to front) will run from the crank pulley over the water pump pulley and will have a tensioner pulley on the driver side. The second belt will run from the crank pulley over the water pump pulley and then to the P/S pulley. The third belt will run from the water pump pulley over the A/C pulley and then the smog pump pulley if you have one. The forth belt will run from the P/S pulley over the alternator pulley.

got it ! The w/p to crank belt with tensioner is the belt I can’t seem to put on (too tight) I can’t put it over pulley ! Loosened tensioner no help. Is there a trick to get it over pulley or do I have to remove w/p pulley. I ordered belts directly from corvette America and eckelers both same size ! If you can solve this I could get back on the road . If you know exact length of belts this would be a great help

I don’t know the lengths off hand , but yes you do have to remove the W/P pulley to install it. If you use studs on the W/P instead of bolts it makes reinstalling the pulley much easier.

Bingo ! That’s a big help ! My car has studs ! The power steering belts I have go from crank to ps to small for your configuration. The second belt you state in the configuration is the length I’m looking for (or maybe part number) . been searching catalogs with not much luck.

paragoncorvette.com shows the following belts for your application.
Fan= 33.5"
Alt.= 31.62"
A/C= 46.25" w/o A.I.R. or 49.5" with A.I.R.
P/S= 43.5"
The P/S belt you have will work it’s just not correct for a Corvette.
Good luck!

thanks you’ve been a great help. Will let you know about success ! Thanks a million

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wow one heck of a job ! got all the belts on but reassemble was quite the maze knowing what part to tighten first because tolerances are so tight caused many tighten and undo brackets over and over to get parts to realighn only lost one fan bolt in the process She started and is running but I see an oil gauge is pegged over to the right. checked and oil is ok , Water temp looks good had to jump battery but she sat for a week or so.I have yet to put it on the road wanna be sure all is good before . thanks so much for the help and advice couldn’t have done it w/o your expertise Hope I can call on you for future problems Thanks again !

Since your corvette comes with a mechanical oil gauge it should not be pegging the gauge unless something is wrong! I would pick up a mechanical gauge from your local auto parts store and run the engine with it to be sure it is a gauge failure and not a blocked oil passage or stuck check valve. Excessive oil pressure can cause gasket failures and a blocked passage could mean oil starvation at the top of the motor. Either way, I would want to know for sure before you start driving the car.

Will do got cheap gauge and oil pressure test kit

my car has a metal tube coming from above oil filter to a bracket with fittings where the plastic tubing runs to oil gauge Can I connect a mechanical gauge and plastic tubing to fitting at this point or from above oil filter

before I could test my gauge is back to left(30) after last running the car when I start gauge goes to 70 then drops back to 60 when temp is reached

70 psi cold is a little high, should be more like 60 cold and 40-50 hot. I would go ahead and hook up the gauge you bought to verify that the gauge is reading accurately. Hook the plastic tube that came with your gauge at the same point as your current plastic tube mounts. If the new gauge reads the same as the old one it may just mean you have a high pressure oil pump. I prefer std. pressure/ high volume pumps as they tend not to cause as many leaks but you should be ok either way. Just as an aside, if you are still running a flat tappet cam, make sure you are using a high zinc oil, it will save your cam from premature wear.

thanks, will try and give you an update have talked with amsoil reccomends 15W40 for my car after telling of my use and storage ?

Don’t know where you live but, 15w40 for colder climates and 20w50 for hotter ones. You should also change your oil and filter at least one a year regardless of mileage unless of course you drive more than 3000 miles a year.

Detroit area ! I change once a year and drive maybe on a good year 500 miles. With new vette maybe more Store it when weather gets cold Thanks for all the good advice much appreciated

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