Vehicle History Look Up (VIN#)

Looking to see if anyone has any suggestions for trying to learn the history of a car. Ive purchased a 66 VW bug and am roughly the 6th or 7th owner. I am trying to build a paper trail on the car. Anyone have any websites they have used and would recommend?

Thanks in advance,

I had a '79 Chevy Suburban stolen (along with its title) back in 1981, but because it didn’t have today’s common VIN, I’ve never been able to track it down. The VIN of it was CCS269F178946 and it was a 3/4 ton Silverado, beige with the woodgrain Estate package, buckets, roof rack, and camper mirrors. The hilarious thing about it is that I had taken the cat muffler off it, and had changed the transmission cross-member so as to remove the ability to reinstall it, and it ended up in of all places, California.

Also stolen with it, among other things was an 8 track tape in a blue plastic cartridge that had “Corvair baby” recorded on it.

I used to own a 66 VW bug.

Might I suggest, 1966vwbeetle.com?

Specifically dedicated to that model year, however, all VW owners past and present are welcome.

John Muir, of VW Idiot book fame, liked the 66 VW Beetle above all others. Go to the site, and you will see the paragraph write-up he gave about that specific model year.

Lots of one-off one year parts on that. Do you still have the 1300 badge? Assuming you are in the U.S., of course.

Still have the Hazard Flasher button?

My 66 was pearl white. I still wish I had that car, rather than listen to a drunk mechanic who told me it was a rust case that was hopeless.

Looks like yours is Coral blue, and in a tropical clime, so I’m going to guess it wasn’t mine.

Also Kyle, but not Hagerty Kyle