Vehicle valuation questions


Help needed re: Affordable Vehicle Price / Valuation Reports

Hi to anyone who is reading this, thanks for taking the time, it’s appreciated.

I need some help ascertaining as to whether an idea I have had, would be of interest to car buyers. I use the word interest instead of benefit, as a vast amount of car buyers could benefit from the services of an industry professional in the car business. Especially for the majority of people for whom a vehicle purchase is the second largest purchase they make in their lives.

Car Dealers and Brokers have both a great reputation and a less than great one. I should know, I’ve been in and around the car business for many years in various positions.

So here’s where I need your help please.

Without a doubt, the Internet has revolutionised car buying. But even though there is a huge amount of information available to buyers, whether they are looking for a practical, affordable family car, a second car for sunny weekends or even a classic / luxury / exotic car to add to a collection.

I hear the same question.

“I have all these websites and apps available, that give me prices for this, that and the other, but I still don’t know if that’s a good deal for my trade in or for the car I’m buying”.

So, would having access to an “industry insider” who has expert knowledge of the car business, be useful to you if you are buying and/or selling a car?

I’m sure the answer to that is of course, yes. But how? And how much……

  • Provide a personalised summary giving you the value of your car either for trade or sale, utilising industry tools and sources that can price it accurately based on actual sales, auctions and trades. Not just a generic computer generated guess….
  • Evaluate your requirements for your next car, be it new or used, and provide you with a buyers report based on historic values, current market pricing and other factors to give you the price that you should really pay.
  • A consultation via phone or video with an actual human being who can answer the questions that you have.

This would be a bespoke service from start to finish based on you and your needs. Our service, keeps you in the driver’s seat.

A car broker charges between about $300-$1000 for their services, if you are buying a “typical” car.

The cost for the package would start at $59.99.

Does this sound like a service that would be helpful to you?

Any questions or suggestions that you have, I would love to hear from you.

N.B. Just to provide a quick bit of Bona Fides, I have been involved with cars since I was a young boy. I’ve worked in dealerships, with manufacturers and as a Broker for many years. My CV includes working with such companies as Rolls Royce and Bentley. I’ve both professionally and privately bought and sold millions of dollars worth of cars.