Veteran Ford exec Jim Farley lives out his GT40 racing dream


Editor’s Note: Jim Farley is executive vice president and president of global markets at Ford. He’s a bigwig in Dearborn who also happens to be one of us: a true-blooded car nut. Since 2007, Farley has indulged his passion on the racetrack, driving a variety of vintage cars including a Shelby Cobra and a Lola sports racer.

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We can thank our lucky stars that Ford has true enthusiasts and racers like Jim Farley in key positions influencing product planning and global marketing. I had the opportunity to meet Jim Farley on a couple of occasions and found him to a pleasant person who is also a great family man
B. Hirschfield


Being a gearhead with 40 years experience at Ford I can testify that Jim is a true rarity among Ford workers (and probably the other Big 3). Most have very little interest in automotive competition and little insight as to the rigors of competition. I suspect with the latest crop of workers thiis will only get worse.

I would have enjoyed a little info about his GT40 - is it an original or a reproduction/kit ?