Video Series of my 1970 Maverick Build 302 "Project Woooo!"

hey all!

heres a video series of me building my total stock 1970 For Maverick to a 70s classic muscle car complete with Cragar SSs and an open header 302. theres many episodes to enjoy and ill be adding even more as i continue this. i hope you all enjoy this and just know that the Maverick was very under rated in the US compared to what it can be if built right. in a few more years ill build this to a 347cid. heres the link to episode #1. watch them all!!

Looks like a good project!

I like the color actually. Are you planning to keep that or go to something different? Kinda neat to see the inline-six so clean and good running.

theres many episodes that show what ive done. episode 14 shows what it looks like when im done as far as looks go. then a few more out shows me putting a 302 in with open headers. ill be filming another episode as soon as its not so hot in georgia running down the road so you can hear the v8 with headers.