VIN number problem...help!

Hey, ya’ll…so I’ve owned my VW Thing for 27 years, and it has always been registered to me. I live in Massachusetts now, and they have begun taking photos of every car’s VIN number during inspection. After my metal VIN plaque was wiped off, it was discovered my VIN registration paperwork showed a different VIN number (off by two numbers). So they refused to inspect my car! Now what? So frustrating…

@urchinn - Are the number close, like a mis-key when the registration paperwork was filled out years ago? Might be able to get a correction if that were the case.

If they are not even close though, I am not sure how you can prove to the state you own that car and/or are not trying to launder a title/car.

Yes…three numbers off…and two of those are “5s” that look like a 6! Went to our police department today, and not a single person had an idea about what to do.

Did you keep any of the old registration papers with the old vin number? Our tax guy used to have us write off the registration (we live in Indiana) so you might look there, and armed with paperwork, your dmv would have to submit to logic.

At least, that’s how I would try to handle it.

Good luck!