Volkswagen Beetle restored after 52 years and 350,000 miles


Kathleen Brooks wiped her eyes, tearing up as the tow truck driver hauled her faded red 1967 Volkswagen Beetle onto a flatbed. "She looks awful," said Brooks, before kissing her hand and gently tapping it onto the bug's rear fender. Maybe it was so hard for Brooks to part with Annie, her beloved Beetle, because she knew that by the time she was reunited with her car she'd hardly recognize it. Volkswagen agreed to fully restore Annie to better-than-new condition after more than 350,000 miles and 52 years of Brooks' single ownership.

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What a nice thing to do. I have had several beetles over the years, fun little cars.


Is the factory still open? Do they offer this service? I’d love to get a quote for my wife’s first car 1967 convertible bug.


Great, great story!!! Congratulations!! Car looks amazing!!! Video brought tears to my eyes!!


Love the story, had one just like it, '67 pale blue, 1300 (52 hp, I think)) bought it new and sold it when we had our 4th child. Did my university degree from beginning to end driving 100 mile round trip, from Sorel to Montreal, summer and winter. It had the small gas heater option. Never let me down on the highway, or otherwise.


Love those 67 Bugs…and a great story too. After going through two Mustangs and one Pinto, I bought my 67 for $500. That car was indestructible and became the standard bearer of transportation for all my buddies who couldn’t afford fuel for their hot rods during the gas shortage. What a car!


I have my mother’s 1966 bug that she purchased new in February 1966. Car is original and has 59,000 original miles. Car has original Continental spare tire! Color is Bahama Blue and she runs like a champ! Before she passed away at 90 years old in 2010 she had several VW’s after the bug, Jetta and Quantum come to mind. I have original bill of sale, marony label and all service records. Love this VW! It’s not a car it’s a vintage VW!!


I too owned a 67 VW bug. It was a light blue in color and the German mechanic in S. Calif. where we lived always told me I had an exceptionally good engine. MY bug had every option available including an 8 track player and AC. Unfortunately it was stolen from me. Who knows, I might still be driving that car if some nasty person had not taken it from me!



Sweet! Mine is ruby red, black interior, manual, and at some point somebody upgraded the motor to 1600 dual port. Got some work to do on it, but the tinkering is why I bought it in the first place…


Kathleen. May you and Annie enjoy another 50 years together. Beautiful story.


You have to like that. I bought my 71 standard bug from the dealer(Phil Winslow,Colorado Springs) in January 1971. With over 400k it still runs like a top. In fact, it’s the only car I have owned. Drive it every day.


It’s a 66, not a 67.

In USA, 67s had a 1500 cc engine.

Beautiful story, first saw it on the edge browser, then here. Went to original source to try to correct, but no joy there…

Interesting videos and photos of the modern restore process that VW graciously bequeathed to a truly deserving owner.

In Germany, they DO offer this, so I’ve heard, kind of service for a fee.

It should also be pointed out that the restore, while done at the factory to the modern “factory specs” still wasn’t the same as the original German factory process-these vehicles were dipped in primer, then in paint 9 to 12 times. I’ve seen the line. It was why VW didn’t have a huge color assortment to choose from.

Other pictures and Videos lead me to believe it is a 65, but this definitely is a 66. A 67 would have different headlights and door handles.

I’m with the other commenters, though. If VW offered a service like this for my bug, I’d snap on it in an instant.