Volkswagen kills the Beetle, ending 80 years of the Bug


After months of speculation and nearly eight decades of production, the Beetle is dead. Volkswagen announced the end of production after the 2019 model year, closing the books on one of the longest-running models in automotive history.

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So disappointed VW never came back with the TDI engine. My 2006 runs like a sewing machine after 160,000 miles. If they had a diesel again, I’d be buying the final edition in a minute,


The Rabbit/Golf Volkswagen that came to the U. S. in the mid 70’s was a fantastic car. Roomy, comfortable, great visibility, and fun to drive. Equipped with the diesel engine, it approached 50 mpg. It even came as a pickup truck! Would have served as a good platform for a minivan or SUV crossover.