VW dropped an e-Golf powertrain into this Type 2 Microbus

Conversions of classic vintage cars and trucks to battery power is definitely a thing now. Jaguar will even build you a fully restored and electrified E-type just like the one that Prince Harry and Meghan used after their wedding ceremony. Now comes Volkswagen with a 1972 Type 2 Microbus converted to electric by California-based specialist EV West. The electric “busanagon,” as my ex used to call our conventionally powered Type 2, is supposed to showcase the possibility of taking the powertrain from VW's e-Golf EV and using it as a “crate motor” for the conversion of vintage vehicles to electric power.

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Funny thing about this article in a Hagerty forum: it would be nice is if Hagerty would INSURE this type of conversion. They refuse to (I own an fully electric converted TR6). They will insure a car modified with a non-stock engine but it has to be the same “fuel” regardless if 10x the horsepower that the chassis can handle! Maybe someone from Hagerty will chime in on this since it IS a pending trend and if it means there is a special rider, then so be it.

@parallax - Thanks for the comment. We were able to locate your quote and one of our underwriters is taking a second look. We will be reaching out privately to discuss soon.