VW Group Night in Frankfurt previews the future: electricity, acronyms and... vegan burgers?

The 2019 Frankfurt auto show officially opens its doors on September 12. Members of the press received access to the town-sized convention center on the 10th, but some tack an extra day onto their schedule to attend preview events held before the start of the show. Volkswagen’s Group Night routinely stands out as the largest pre-show preview, since the firm owns considerably more brands than its rivals.

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Does VW consider poisoning people with soy estrogen to be an important step in making them docile enough to accept EV fascism?

Believe it or not,

Some German sausage has an actual VW part #. It was ordered for their plants in Germany. When VW started becoming a global player, when they opened up other factories in other countries, many of the expat Germans who were setting things up couldn’t live without the sausage. Hence it’s part number (which, I believe) is still used today.

Interesting that there is a crowd out their interested in Hybrid Lambos.

That old Skoda looked pretty cool!

Given a choice between an ID 3, and a VW Type 3, I’m taking the VW original Type 3, especially if it’s a Squareback. Many fond memories of the “Dragon Wagen.” I may have a picture of it somewhere.

So, VW’s revisionist history clobbers all but the beetle. No, wait, they Clobbered the beetle in 2019…

No more regular Golf in the U.S.

No more regular or new beetle anywhere.

Concept of VW Microbus (the original type 2.) has been out for over 2 decades now, and each revision of that concept keeps making it look more and more like a Kia Soul.

Methinks, perhaps, despite being the biggest marquee in Europe (or perhaps, the world) they have begun to lose the plot; or grown up out of their humble beginnings and want to distance themselves from that by producing carbon copy (heck, they even named one of their newer models the CC) clones of what other makes are doing…