VW ID. Buggy hopes to spark another surge out on the dunes

The ‘60s dune buggy craze was born when Californian Bruce Meyers sculpted a low-slung, sporty fiberglass body and placed it atop a shortened VW Bug chassis. The Meyers Manx is the original and most recognizable of dune buggies, but the market was soon crowded with competitors. VW hopes that the ID. Buggy spawns the same enthusiasm.

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Looks awesome, but not appropriate for the climate around these parts. 13 degrees Fahrenheit outside this morning.

Would buy one in an instant with a classic-style (say, perhaps from 66 or earlier) VW beetle body on it.

Or Ghia, Fastback, Squareback, Bus (Bay or Split) or even a Thing body on it.

Most of their new vehicles in the fleet today look like every other car on the road.

@Kyle-I heard that GM had an Electrovair (Electric Corvair) prototype. Not sure whatever happened to it, though.

Or the perfect platform for kit cars, just like the original Beatle.

I could see something like a GT-40 replica body on that platform. Anybody remember the Fiberfab Avenger?

The article says rear wheel drive “Buggy drives its rear wheels”, the drawing shows front wheel drive from front motor. If you drive rear wheels motor would be in the rear.

@ clarence.casper -
It also said "All-wheel drive is a possibility due to the flexibility of the platform—all the better to scramble up dunes with.

Save your money VW, this won’t fly.