Wagons are awesome


I used to like wagons because they have room for all my stuff (bikes, skis, camping gear, etc.). Now, I REALLY like wagons because I still have all that stuff, plus a wife, 3 kids and a dog. Saw this Chevy Nova Wagon on Bring a Trailer this morning. I want to own a classic wagon someday… so bad.



My grandparents were station wagon people, so for a long time I associated wagons with grandparents. I warmed to them when Audi started doing ridiculous things with them in Europe. Then, in my vagabond days, when I realized I could live in a Subaru Outback if I needed, I bought one and never looked back. I’ve since had two Volvo wagons, and I always take the time to properly appreciate a cool wagon when I see one.

Nova, Chevelle, Eagle, Magnum, 850R, RS6 Avant, you name it, I’m in.


Oh heck yeah. Some awesome wagons on BaT right now!