Waiting For A Tow

Waited three hours for my1987 911 to be towed from a major highway to a Porsche dealer 7 miles away.
I was told it would be there within and hour, they kept telling me it would be another 30 minutes then never came. Finally two flatbed trucks arrived at the same time. If they had told me it would take three hours I would have called AAA instead of Hagerty.

I’m sorry you had a bad experience. I’ve used Hagerty Drivers’ Club at least half a dozen times. I had one bad experience a week ago. Other than that, they have been awesome. Make sure Hagerty’s knows you had a problem and tell them which tow service it was. That’s the only way they know who to use and who not to. Hagerty’s treats me like family. AAA never has.

@jdjz - We are disappointed to hear this was your experience when you needed us, and thank you for reaching out to let us know. Would it be possible for you to send me a few more details in a private message so I can forward your case to our roadside team and they can review what went wrong in this case and how we can ensure it does not happen in the future?

Thank you,
Kyle with the Hagerty Moderation Team

AAA could have taken longer and ended up summoning the same trucks. Neither Hagerty or AAA actually own their own tow services. Delays can happen if the tow services are diverted to accident scenes for Law Enforcement or other priorities taking precedence over your break-down. I can empathize that it’s frustrating, but…

I realize that they don’t have their own tow trucks! But if I’m told it would be within an hour, and it turns out to be three hours stranded on the side of a Highway iin a severe rain storm is unacceptable. Also tow truck drivers will respond to an accident a lot quicker than a tow requested by Hagerty or AAA, the reason being they get more money from the accidents where Body shops are involved.

Unacceptable? I don’t think so. Accident scenes backing up traffic, tying up officers and creating additional hazards vs. you sitting on the side of the highway, bored and annoyed but in relative safety. They respond to accident scenes because the cops called, not because of where they take the car. The rest is just rationalization. And now your latest detail of a rain storm makes the scenario even more likely.
The fact that you ended up with TWO trucks on scene tells me they were trying to get someone there ASAP.

Sorry Kyle I took so long to get back to you, I got off the PA turnpike and the car shut down on the side of Route 22 in Allentown PA, in a torrential downpour. I called Hagerty, and explained the situation, they were fantastic, and did a great job in assisting me. I was told that A tow would be there within an hour, after an hour i was told it would be 30 more minutes, after calling again i was told the same thing. Each time I spoke to your team they helped me, i realize that it was a rainy morning, and that accidents happen, however I also realize that Tow truck drivers make more money from taking an auto to a body shop, than they do from a 7 mile

Tow, especially when they recommend the body shop. I felt that they kept putting me off for a more lucrative job.

I having nothing negative but only positive things to say about the way your company dealt with my situation

I realize that you cannot control the actions of the companies you use, the only thing is that if they say within an hour, it should be within an hour. I have also been pretty lucky not having to have a tow in 32 years of driving that car.


Different point of view same background.

Lol, and a different post from your original. So why would AAA have been better?

I called AAA after 2.5 hours yesterday They said they would be there in a half hour. I cancelled them after the first tow showed

Today AAA was supposed to pick the car up at 1pm, and take it to Elmsford NY they left at 4:30pm. I became pretty naive since I retired. LOL