Wandering the hallowed, abandoned halls of the Bugatti EB110

For all his life, Enrico Pavesi has lived next to the field where Bugatti’s Italian factory took root, so he knows the story better than most. Since Bugatti’s plant sprung up on the side of a busy freeway near Modena, Italy, in 1990, Pavesi’s family has diligently looked after it. His family is intertwined with its history, arguably doing more to keep Bugatti’s obscure Italian heritage alive than anyone else.

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In 1993 myself and a small group of Lamborghini Club America members were given a tour of the facility by Dott. Stefano Pasini who was doing P R work for Bugatti at the time.
It was a very impressive facility in full operation at the time. There was also a test track built around the outside of the factory. Dott. Pasini took me for a test drive on the track in a EB 110 SS, that was definitely an E ticket ride.
It’s sad to see it sitting there as it is now, as a ghost of itself.

Seems kinda sad that a company that puts its workers first and considers them in their dealings instead of just looking at the P&L sheet, winds up going out of business. There are too many companies that don’t seem to realize that their employees are the lifeblood of the company, and should be treated with respect and encouragement. It’s all about the money.

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There is nothing sadder then seeing a factory that puts people to work and give them pride in a job well done empty and abandon. Almost nothing. What a great place this must have been when it was running. Too bad there’s no one to open another automotive company there.