Was the Wild Cherry Chevy van from Van Nuys Blvd. stolen or rescued?


It’s been a wild ride for “Wild Cherry.” And it’s about to get wilder. The red 1975 Chevrolet custom van, known throughout the vanning community for its appearance in the 1979 movie Van Nuys Blvd., has gained even more notoriety in recent weeks due to an ownership dispute that may end up in court.

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Well as far as the pic with the middle finger extended. I was there taking pictures at the same time. All of my pictures show either rock on or hang loose. Was the published picture photo shopped to make CC look bad??


Not Photoshopped. He posted that picture himself.


Not judgements, just questions

  1. Does it make it so if a neighbor says someone else’s property is abandoned?
  2. Who was shown as owner of record on the title that was found in the van?
  3. Was the title ever assigned to Chris Carter?


The neighbor had no authority to declare the van abandoned on the title owner’s property. You cannot be said to have abandoned your property on your own land. Its stolen plain and simple.


Even if the van was removed without the owner’s permission (which makes it stolen), it is strange that she waited 6 months to file a stolen vehicle report.
Had she found out that the van was being restored and was now going to recover it since the money was spent to rebuild it from a wreck to original condition?
Just more than a little strange!


They should just settle out of court. He gives her a couple grand, more than fair for a left for dead van with an interesting story, everyone’s happy.


I think if she really did care about the van she wouldn’t have left it abandoned in the desert with a tree on top of it, nor would she have waited 6 months to report it stolen.
She probably realized it was worth something after the restoration and wanted to cash in. She should either pay him for the restoration and take the van, or they should sell it and split the profits.