Washing with or without water

How is everyone “washing” their high end car? I’ll be taking posession of my concours restored car in a few months. While I don’t expect to be washing it any time soon, I would like to be prepared. Is a California Duster a must? Should ANY cleaning product ever be rubbed onto the surface? I’ve read all kinds of contradictory processes. What’s in your cleaning bucket? Thanks

I think hagerty recommends Meguiar’s.

As for the water, my bet would be on the cleanest, purest water you can find.

Also, the newer the ride, the more likely to avoid high pressure water at all costs.

A good chamois cloth also never goes out of style.

The main thing g to remember here is the external parts of your car is made up of different materials and the best way would be to clean each material with the best cleaner and method for that material.