Watch Davin explain the Stovebolt Six Redline Rebuild

The latest Redline Rebuild has been one of our most popular builds yet. The Stovebolt inline-six yanked from a derelict 1950 Chevrolet 3600 roared to life before Davin pulled it, but it still deserved a rebuild. The whole process was captured in a time lapse seen by millions, but behind the scenes there was a lot going on. Davin and Ben sat down to talk through the process and interesting points, and their debrief is worth the watch.

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You mention needing transmission work for this truck. Can you film that?

@grpphoto - That is currently in the works and we rarely turn the cameras off in that garage! Be sure to subscribe to Hagerty’s Youtube page and watch for a notification in the next few weeks.

That point about keeping the six as opposed to putting in a small-block V8 is a good one. I have a '61 Econoline and you should see people’s eyes light up when I tell them it still has an inline six.