Watch this Ford 289 V-8 engine go from basic to bruiser


Ask and you shall receive! A 289 small-block Ford was high on the request list for our next Redline Rebuild, and we made it happen. Starting with a stock 289 engine from a totaled 1964 Ford Fairlane, we decided to have some fun and upgrade from stock with a GT350-esque build.

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If you need a car to put that vintage engine in, I have a 1967 Mercury Cougar that could use it. Where can I obtain the list of parts you used to refresh and upgrade that 289? Nice to see a relatively common Ford small-block engine get some needed attention along with upgrades. Was that 289 bored .030 over? What was done?
Great video, thanks. Michael


I’ve got a nice '66 GT convertible that could also be a candidate!
(Presently with the original 289 A code engine.)


I’ve got a ‘65 Mustang convertible that you could put it in but I’d settle for the parts list so I could attempt the rebuild with the 289 I’ve got myself.


I have a 67 Mustang coupe

coming up on her 51st birthday that dropped a valve in #1 cylinder and needs a transplant. That engine would do nicely!! :sunglasses:
Thanks in advance.


I am assuming since this is a Hagerty video project, that hot rodding a vintage correct engine in a vintage car that came stock with a lower HP engine with vintage or similar current parts that were factory available, that there is no issue with Hagerty Insurance if there is a claim or any reason in the future. Is that correct?


How about installing this engine into another 1964 Fairlane Sports Coupe?
Transmission is a Borg Warner T-10 , four speed, which I would replace with the Borg Warner Super T-10 .
For those who don’t know, the Super T-10 is used in the NASCAR Monster Series ( Xfinity and Truck Series ) to get the power to the wheels, along with the
dependable Ford 9" differential.


And of course I have a 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 with a 289 auto in it . To see it go to Facebook … under Ross H. Cecil … personal pics … Peace out …


Swap to 65 heads to have the same exhaust valve size as the hipo…add screw in studs and you’re good, except for the smaller rod bolts.


The 302 F code in my '69 Mustang convertible appears to have undergone pretty much the same modifications as the 289 in your video, except I replaced the stock heads with GT40P cast iron heads and the roller tip rockers with full up Motorsport roller rockers. It has custom tri-Y headers to accommodate the GT40P sparkplug positioning. I’ve got a 625 cfm Road Demon 4V on it with a 351W single profile .224 duration / .500 lift Comp cam. I’m guessing it puts out around 325 hp. My best pass on the drag strip was 14.308 sec @ 99.1 mph. Not bad for an old pastel yellow (Meadowlark) convertible with a luggage rack on the trunk.:grinning:


Well I might as well add my name to this wish list. I’ve got a 1964 Falcon Sprint, 2dr, ht, 260 V8, just begging for that motor. Will you do the engine swap? If not, I will gladly drive down to pick it up.


What I’d love to see is this video slowed down to learn more of the details. Lots of REALLY good stuff in there that is hard to catch at that speed. Great fun to watch though!

As to a car to put it in, I’ve got a 66 6 cyl convertible that I’m in the midst of preparing for a 8 cyl. Would LOVE to have something like this beautiful 289 in it. :wink:

Thanks for posting the video!


I’ve got a freshly restored 1965 Comet Cyclone 4 speed with the mild 289cu.in - 225hp version. It’s begging for this motor to be put in!!


Got a 66 mustang that would love a new engine.


Just select the token at the lower left to stop the video and use the slider to step through it. You can get all the details that way.


Working on a 51 F10, 302 and modernizing all. Engine is very close to this but we shall see soon what it does. Power and driveability. PW, PW front disc, PS, AC/Heat, New custom bench seat. It will be called Patriot,



That 289 would slide nicely into my 66 Mustang GT for the next Hagerty Touring Series - Amelia or Bust 2019 rally, next March!

What a way to tackle the S curves and back roads!


289 Fit Nicely In My '66 Cherry Bomb


@johnkgerken - Check out the newly posted video where the man spinning the wrenches talks you through each greasy detail-How We Rebuilt a Stock Ford 289 to Shelby GT350-Like Specs- Redline Rebuilds Explained


You have a restored Sunbeam Tiger in the Hagerty collection. Why not drop this into that car, just for giggles?!