Watch this Mercedes 300SL Gullwing defend position from a swarm of Healeys


The 77th annual Members Meeting is taking place at the historic Goodwood Circuit, and that means oodles of footage of vintage racers going wheel to wheel on the smooth and fast road course. Those who can’t make it to see the event in person can still experience the battle of a Mercedes Benz 300SL working hard to hold back an attack from two Austin Healeys.

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I haven’t forgiven Cubehead for what he did at Spa in 1998, but this video does suggest that he merely has no business operating a motor vehicle rather than the previously logical conclusion that he was justifying his place as a Newey-passenger by doing what moral people would not. It is still disturbing watching a 300SL racing Austin-Healeys considering what happened with Pierre Levegh’s 300SLR and an also-ran 100S at Le Mans. Perhaps if Mercedes-Benz had relied on drivers of Coulthard’s talent then, there never would have been a speed differential.