Waysto Protect a Consignment Vehicle


The old-car marketplace seems to be on a positive trend. People seem to be investing in the cars they’ve always wanted, rather than putting the purchase off until tomorrow. With marketplace activity unfolding, some collectors are deciding to “cash out” by consigning their cars to dealers. If you’re considering this, be sure to make the consignment arrangement carefully.

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On the part of the new buyer buying the consigned vehicle;
Does the dealer have to maintain registration until the vehicle sells? And if it is overdue when new buyer buys, who is responsible for the transfer of title and the registration fees?


@lauras411 - While I can’t say 100% (so it is best to check with the dealer you are working with), it would be my impression that the seller would need to maintain paperwork on the vehicle while it is consigned. The dealer is merely an agent advertising and showing the car for the seller. Since the dealer does not own the vehicle, they have no reason to pay any fees associated to its registration.