Weekend Car Spotting Sep10th


I just saw this beautiful '67 E-type downtown Charlevoix, MI. Anyone else see something cool this weekend?

Thanks @jwiley for the idea.


I saw a sweet IH Scout project but sadly didn’t have time to snap a photo. It was a Scout II blue over white top. Looked to be worth saving!


Driving up US-31? Pretty sure i saw the same one. They were asking $6,800.


That’s the one!

Gosh- those are getting expensive!


This little number appeared in the lot of a local repair shop last week. It’s an early 912 that needs a lot of TLC. I don’t know what it’s story is, but if it sticks around long, I’m going to find out.


That’s an awesome find. I would certainly try and get the cars background.


Yeah, it appears complete with minimal rust, unfortunately the air filters have been removed and with the grilles missing on the engine cover, I’m sure water has worked it’s way into the engine, just no knowing for sure how much or for how long, unless it had been stored inside.