Well Vetted: Uniting the mid-engine C8 Corvette with its C1 and C4 brethren

whats with the stupid square steering wheel- I’ll take the 86 any day or spend more and get a Porsche

Were those front and rear end black grills designed by the same guy who said black wheels look good on car`s ? Looks like the front grill on a Hyundai.

Stop it already!! Rear weigh bias does not make a car handle better. It gives these mega-powered cars better traction to handle the power without the rear tires going up in smoke or losing it exiting a corner.

Well, 2020 haters, why don’t you find one to drive before you go dumping on the C8? Awful nice of you to prejudge something you haven’t driven! Maybe it doesn’t have the look of earlier models. (Did you ever think some people thought/think previous years looked awkward?) Until you actually drive it, how can you make some of the judgements you’ve made?

I thought Corvette needed to go mid-engined, but still think it should have been an additional model not a replacement. The C8 looks ok in photos, but I don’t like the proportions in real life… too overstyled and they missed some good opportunities to continue the bloodline.

I’m ok with the mid engine but the styling is too busy. Keep it simple, I own two of the cleanest designed Corvettes ever, a 91 roadster which is great looking but very plain. My favorite is the best looking car to ever grace a highway, a 67 coupe. The 63 C2 was great but by 67 the unnecessary frills were gone and the car was perfect. Hopefully the C8 will follow suit. One example, the side scoop is necessary for the mid engine but don’t make it the focal point of the car, it’s a distraction . Less in more.

Well Mr Lichvar…I’m not a 2020 hater, I looked at the 2020 sting ray at the Orange co auto show, where they had a root beer brown car…no thanks.
There is NO doubt the 2020 ‘Ray is a “”better”” car than the C7, but the looks didn’t grab me,

I want a car that I like to look at as well as performs well, so I voted with my $, and bought a C7 Z06.

The exterior styling has lost the corvette look, and looks too much like many other mid engine cars…the NSX comes to mind as I looked closely at that car back and forth at the same show…

For me, the C8 is a “miss”. And I get my 7 speed.

Still can’t get past the Civic/Camaro rear styling…it looks horrible.

This is the first Corvette I’d consider buying since the C2 and C4, so yea I definitely think it’s worthy!

Hard to believe I just read this in a publication for enthusiasts:
“Surprisingly, no one griped about the lack of a clutch pedal and shift lever in the new Corvette…we found it a relief not to have to deal with clutching, rev matching, and shifting procedures.“

Really?!?!?! Good Heavens! I hope it’s not too much work turning the wheel and using the accelerator pedal!

And just to really irritate everyone; in my opinion (not sure why people get so upset about someone else’s opinion) the last good looking Vette is the C4. Each progressive generation gets more over-styled. What ever happened to understated, classy good looks?