What a Maserati Sebring is, and why you should want one


If the name doesn’t make it obvious, the Maserati Sebring has racing oil running through its veins. In addition to the car’s motorsports connection to Florida’s famed Sebring Raceway, the 1962–65 Sebring Series I is one of the final manifestations of Maserati’s production-model 3500GT, the Italian automaker’s first attempt to commercially capitalize on its on-track success.

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Re last para, ANdren Newton missed that a Maserati Sebring (lot 198) sold for EUR327,000 at Artcurial at Retromobile in February 2016.


@jreddyhough - Thanks for the tip. Our analysts are looking into adding it to our radar.


Many thanks for the reply. I was actually the buyer of the Artcurial car so am keen not to see the values understated!

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Julian Reddyhough