What brand is most driven by idiots?

I submit Kia / Hyundai. I’ve noticed these brands are most likely to tailgate and engage in inappropriate and dangerous passing tactics. My theory is the drivers have some sort of automotive inferiority complex. Just sayin. On the other hand Cadillacs are close in obnoxious behavior. I see this as the opposite, a kind of arrogance. I’m serious, I’ve observed this for years. Has anyone out there tagged other brands with bad drivers?

I hate to stereotype, but over the years, I’ve noticed 2 different types of Cadillac drivers.

  1. Actual owners, who drive it slow, maybe only using 2 or perhaps 4 cylinders of the engine. Typically, it’s the older crowd.

  2. Car Dealers. They drive it like they stole it. Almost as dangerous and aggressive as any vehicle with Diplomatic plates in DC.

Other brands?

Around these parts, people who drive BMWs like #2 drive their caddies (not all BMW drivers, just a good deal of them.)

And, also be on the lookout for any Japanese make with a coffee-can sized muffler exhaust tip.


I have to confess, I’d had a couple B4 posting this. Reading it now I realize I should have abstained (from posting) - I have likely driven like an idiot myself occasionally.

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BMW.hands down! They think the car automatically turns them into an accomplished high speed driver!

Anything hybrid or electric, even Tesla drivers can’t seem to get over 45 mph.


Interesting point - I own a Leaf, and other drivers seem compelled to pass it regardless of my speed. They are often surprised at the burst of acceleration that car is capable of. (But I’m probably not the typical Leaf driver - I agree most seem to drive slow.)

I also own a supercharged Mustang - I like cars what can I say?


Get out of my way… and yes I drive 3 Bimmers, and drive them well… can you say 850iM… charged and fast once she’s rolling on all 12 cylinders…
or the grun goddess 850CiA… calm at 200kph.

Subaru & Volvo hands down, any Prius is in 3rd place.

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I’ve seen “some” Smart car drivers that drive Ike idiots.

It’s not a brand, but a type that encourages idiots. Minivans are notorius for bad turns, veering out of their lanes, and being unable to back up or park gracefully. The drivers have no clue that this vehicle is proportioned differently from a small sedan, and that side view mirrors really do serve a purpose.

Years ago the “honor” went to women driving Volvo station wagons with “Baby On Board” stickers on the rear window. They have been supplanted by anyone driving a Prius (especially on the West Side of Los Angeles) and minivan drivers. Agreed that BMW drivers think they own the road, with MBZ right behind.

Not a brand, but a category.
The minivan driver of any manufacturer seems to be among the worst drivers out there.
I’d pull to the light in one of my quickest vehicles & as the minivan pulled up along side I knew he (she) was going to floor it. Why? I don’t know. Maybe the thought of being in a vehicle so boringly horrible that the mind snaps & the person just feels he has to do something, just about anything to feel human again.

Any Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, BMW, Land Rover, or Jaguar owner who thinks their cars are reliable and maintenance free. All of them are on first name basis with the service manager of their dealership.

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Let’s not forget Volkswagon, especially the ones that performed better due to the emissions defeat work by VW a few years ago. Those cars are often driven by young guys who are Fast and Furious.

The problem with driving all over the road seems to vary by region. In Washington state, there seems to be a competition to see how fast we can wear through the painted stripes. This is not much of a problem until winter loses its grip a little, yielding to days that remain short. The stripes, both center lines and fog lines, are gone by then on the most dangerous curves, a severe challenge on rainy nights or when the fog is thick. I love it here!

I forgot to add: Audi drivers can’t drive. They’re too arrogant. Traffic flow and rules don’t apply to them. If you own an Audi you can’t drive. Period.

Had a long, seven-year affair with a '79 Jag XJ-6. Many amazing stories about unreliability.

In the old days it would have been drivers of Ramblers. Now I see Subaru (with flagellant mufflers) and a lot of BMW drivers being idiots.

Yuppies in Beemers and Benz’s.

Was at a store the other day, and one of those ricers came by complete with the silly potato cannon exhast. I over heard a man tell his little son “boy that’s what stupid sounds like.”

Can’t disagree.

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