What Did You Do to Your Car Today?


For some of us it is now project season as the classics get tucked away for winter, so post a photo and a description of what you are working on.


I’ve been mainly working on getting my garage insulated for the winter so I can work out there through the Michigan winter, but I have also been getting the Corvair prepped to replace the transmission and clutch.


I’m replacing the headrest and decals for them on my '69 Yenko replica this week. Sending my '67 Biscayne to the rod shop for some body details best done by skilled hands. This car has, to date, 382 miles on a 9 year old restoration. Don’t blame me. I just bought it a month ago.


Will be replacing coolant, oil/filter change, adding fuel stabilizer. New fuel filter, rear rotors and brake pads all around during winter storage.



@j.rybar20 - That is one clean RX7! Sounds like it is getting properly stored up too. Any winter projects planned?


Thanks Kyle. Appreciate that…and alittle surprised anyone even recognized the car.
I have an adjustable front sway with noisy end-links. I hope to make some replacements with urethane over the winter months. Also have an old(er) Chevrolet whose timing doesn’t like to advance as it should…thinking the weights or a vacuum advance issue.


Seemed like it might be the last clear day for the year for Northern Michigan so I took the chance to winterize the Corvair. Full tank of ethanol free gas and stabilizer, oil is fresh, tires inflated, Battery tended, tucked away.

It’s only a few weeks before it is up on stands anyway, getting a new clutch and four speed real soon!


Thumbs up on the four speed (conversion?). Well worth it IMO on the car.
Now adding another last minute task on my car. The consequences of taking advantage of a 60+ F. degree December day in the Midwest and collecting a BIG rock chip in my windshield. Spoke with the nicest Hagerty rep over the phone (Laura). Should have it fixed this week and then to storage until about Easter.


Actually just replacing the four-speed manual currently in the car. The second gear synchronizer is not doing it’s job anymore, and a known good transmission was cheaper and easier than rebuilding the one in the car. I’ll still rebuild it, just not right away.


Spent the weekend pulling the engine and transaxle out of my '65 Corvair. will be getting a new clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel along with some other odds and ends as it goes back together.

Better be quick, this car is driving cross country in just 28 days!


Not “today”, but last week I changed points, plugs, condenser and set gap and timing on my ‘52 Chevrolet. And had the windshield replaced on my RX7 from an incident last fall. The latter was covered and handled painlessly by Hagerty.


@Jim-R - Though i went to an electronic ignition setup, I do enjoy setting up a set of points from time to time. Just a fun little project!


Yeah…I know they (Pertronics) perform better and are more reliable. And it’s certainly not a show car. I have no rational reason for keeping it old-school. Putzing with them is just re-living my youth I guess.