What did you do with your car this week?


It’s time for the weekly check-in on what you and your car were up to. Whether it was turning the wrenches too keep that restoration moving forward, or just going out for a nice drive, we want to hear where you were or what your project was.



Admired it longingly parked in the garage. I should take it out for a through spanking before it starts raining. Porsche 930.


I finished installing the carpet and cleaned the carbs by getting a couple wide open throttle pulls up a hill. Corvair seems to run better the more it’s driven, which is never enough.


Drove it! Yeah, crazy talk I know, but I swear it’s the truth! And it was good. I mean, dogs suddenly didn’t start liking cats, fire didn’t start raining from the sky…nothing!
I’m even thinking of trying it again next weekend.


Admired it after getting it professionally detailed. I’m just getting too old to detail it myself. Then after putting the car cover on I added three baby-blankets to the covering so the cat could take an afternoon nap.
Benz 550SL


@richard.debeer - Even being young, I pay to get my regular car detailed twice a year- fall and spring. The shop just does so much better than I ever will at home. No shame in that.


Dark blue 47 Ford coupe, first time I showed it and won top 3!


Thank you Sir, I appreciate that. Good advice.!


Sorted out issues on my '75 Porsche 914, after completing the installation of a front sway bar and 930 turbo tie rods. Now to replace the steering column bushing, get the horn working again, and maybe even the hazard and fog lights. I enjoy doing these projects in part to learn how the cars are designed and assembled, but I think mostly for the pride of knowing as I drive it how much of a hand I have personally had in keeping it on the road.


I just replaced the lower control arms with fully adjustable. Now the entire alignment can be adjusted to my liking! (I already have fully adjustable coil-overs and tie-rods)


My partner took her car to a car wash to support no-kill animal shelters.



I took the 1950 F3 out for a spin with a 10 year old. He didn’t quite understand the double clutching needed to shift the 4 speed but got a lesson on how to do it. Those old flathead 6’s are not fast but they had good torque and can sure pull. Ford got that right for a truck engine.


Replaced the clutch on my 1965 GTO. Been having a chattering for some time. Great improvement.


Last night I just “finished” the axle swap in my 71 Cutlass… Open Diff->Limited Slip :smile:


Had it out for its bi-weekly drive a few days ago. My wife and I enjoy getting waved at, thumbs up and comments when we take it out. Had it out to a car show three weeks ago. It looked good parked to a red Jaguar XKE. 1957 Pontiac Chieftain


69 Jaguar XK-E. Another trip back to the shop :frowning_face: One stupid thing after another. this time the carbs are leaking damper fluid. They only had it for 9 months for mechanical rebuild. They do get right on the problems, but don’t want this to continue GRRRRRR.


I lost sound from the radio in my '72 Chevelle SS so I decided to investigate. Turns out the previous owner added one speaker underneath the dash and the wires had come off. I reconnected the wires but that was the only speaker I was getting sound from so I removed the dash pad to check on the factory speakers. I was shocked to find the passenger side had the original speaker still installed but it was not functioning. The driver side speaker was gone so I bought some replacement speakers, fashioned a custom bracket to hold the drivers side in place and now I have a weak, but functioning radio. Since my Chevelle is stock and mostly original I was reluctant to put a set of 6X9s in the package tray. This will work just fine for now. After I put everything back together I took her out for a nice, long drive with the radio on.


Had to put inner tubes in my new michelins, the original Fuchs alloys on my 69 911e would not accept just valve stems…and we tried all types, don’t need a blow out at 125…