What did you do with your car this week?


Kept it parked in the garage, posted it for sale on craigslist, no response.


Well i didn’t do anything to my cars b/c i was Installing power brakes system in my friends fathers car. He really wanted to get it done asap, SOOOOOO that says it all LOL!


My Porsche dealer Service Writer magically “fixed” my Panamera’s month-long inop tailgate (external) switch, in the rain, just by going out and trying it. Another warranty claim avoided.


I had a '64 (in '67); the list is endless.
Tip well.


We had a run recently that included a visit to a game park in Zimbabwe (Africa). Great time and not often you see a classic Mustang used to view elephants in the wild!


Took my 71 Karmann Ghia to work this week. 100 miles round trip. Ran great, but I’m afraid of the tailgaters, people going 100 mph on the freeway, and general bad driving. I am at least protected by 10 gallons of gasoline in the front of the car…


Finally finished the rebuild of my '27 Model T’s steering column. After owning it for six years, it’s finally fun to drive and it actually goes where you point it.


Took my 1968 AMC AMX & went to Charlotte Auto Fair ,took top car at Carolina AMC then went for the auto fairs best of show and placed 6 ,I was ecstatic when the Chief Inspector /announcer Mike of NASCAR Joy told me that , https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1630307877074886&set=pcb.2126947117578290&type=3&tn=HH-R&eid=ARAPcY3hK8EEiXwWYotDqzPm5Bct4Mhgqea2nQKfSZwqVWUvYy-hhpENvUs5tAfjTVOV7NUMk3CqJLoD


Took my 1981 Datsun 210 out to the Japanese Classic Car Show and won 2nd place in my class. Before that was scrambling to get a new oil pan I ordered from Japan in, replaced a bad tail light socket, had a NOS fender put on and the car repainted. All worth it. It’s my son :slight_smile:


@johncodman - and with how quick the steering ratio is on Ts, it is certainly nice when everything works like it should!


The '26 and '27 have a 5 to 1 ratio compared to the earlier Ts that have 4 to 1. Sloppiness in the steering is magnified by the 5 to 1 ratio; it was really tiring to drive with the sloppy steering - it meant that the driver could never relax. It’s a different car now.



LOL, eww.

Replaced some brake disc shims and installed a harness for an event next month.


I attempted vinyl wrapping the hood and decklid, only to find I was a little confident on my abilities.

Really wanted the flat black hood racecar look, looks like I will be trying again.



I had one in N.I. for a couple weeks in '76 it was a blast to drive.


I washed and waxed my 63 split window. That Riverside Red paint looks great buffed out.


Cars and coffee at Streetside Classics in Tampa and attended the delivery and unveiling of a SEMA worthy freshly built 66 Mustang.


I spent some time troubleshooting electrical gremlins. Replaced the body and engine grounds, along with the positive battery cable. Installed the battery isolator I have been meaning to add for over a year as well. I sleep better at night now, as the fear of waking up to a flat battery from the random small drain I can’t catch is gone.